How Online B2C Travel Portal Grow Your Business Revenue?

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Online travel business is growing day by day. According to a research, over 50% travelers purchase their products online.  The online Travel Market is estimated to garner $1091 billion by 2022, registering a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 11.1% during the forecast period of 2016-2022. Online travel providers facilitate the travelers in their travel planning and bookings. There are three important aspects of travel market–speedy and convenient way of bookings flight and hotels, trust in online payment and ability to compare various available travel options.


Nowadays, mobile website and apps are most preferred mediums of travel bookings, particularly among the young professionals. Allied market Research reported that professionals in the age group of 22-31years spend 200 billion dollars every year. These groups are greatly revolutionized the online travel industry by the extensive use of technology. Online travel agencies (OTAs) are top among the major modes of booking. Growth of online market share in Asia-Pacific nations (China, India, Japan and others) is highest globally. Travel business Software plays a vital role in the growth of travel market. Being a travel technology company is engaged in developing different types of travel software according to the need of its clients.


The main objective of a business is to get maximum return over investment. This is only possible when travel business software manage the reservation fast and efficiently. An efficient system helps to track bookings end to end without any glitch. The software for travel business provides an integrated system of real-time reservation software, booking systems, web publication, accounting and administration. It should be flexible enough to make complex packages, dynamic packages using the resources of clients in combination with GDS, hotel, car rental system, etc.


Travel Business Software has not only revolutionized the way of consumers travel but the way the travel enterprises conduct and manage their travel businesses. Here we show some points, how it has simplified the travel operations of travel agencies:


Travelers now easily compare the prices for flight, hotels, cars, etc and subsequently book them online. The online booking engines are designed to improve the navigation through website pages. Through online search the travelers can book lowest prices from different search options. Thus they can enjoy hassle free bookings.


The software is made available on cloud platform so it helps the travel companies in reducing the IT costs and at the same time controlling the collaboration among Supply Chain, IT, Finance and other travel functions.


With the help of this software a travel agent can automate all his operations. Thus the back office job is no longer required to be done by a staff, this also avoid the errors due to manual entry.


The software has greatly improved the distributions of various travel products through different channels without any fault. Now the GDSs and third party consolidators are easily reaching to travelers. The real time inventory of flights, hotels, cars, etc is just a click away.


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Increase your online Travel Product Sale through travel website

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Mostly, people look for a safe and secure career where there is guarantee of getting a promised amount as salary at the end of the month. But with present time the trend is changing. The hype to get into a 9 to 5 job is diminishing with each passing day. With the government being so helpful towards people interested in opening a start up, young people are today more interested in setting up their own business and being their own boss. They are ready to take risk and have a bright future through hard work and dedication. Therefore, more and more budding companies are making their place in the market.


Among all the sectors of business world, the travel and tourism industry is the promising one where the job is dynamic and there is a sure shot opportunity to earn big fortune. Whatever may the world economy go through yet there will be people going on vacations and travel addicts wanting to explore new places. Therefore, inflation or deflation has very little to do with this side of business. Now if you are planning to own a travel company and carry out the business successfully, your next stop is, New Delhi. This is so because they are the most trusted and oldest travel technology providing company serving their clients globally. They have a huge customer base and high reputation because of the quality service that they provide. The prices that they charge are pocket friendly and even customizable available so that everyone can afford their services.


They provide customized integration for Airline booking, Hotel booking, Bus booking, Car booking, Cruise booking, Payment gateways etc. They provide API integrated nine ranges of travel products. They will take mere 3-5 working days to set up the whole system for your company and take your business online. The best thing about is that they give special attention to every customer and therefore do not sale the same layout to everyone. Rather every customer gets an online portal that is exclusive with robust structure and all the necessary features. They also provide 24X7 support service all throughout the year with five different types of support systems.


White label travel portal has got a product called white label travel portal that is of high demand in the market. The product has all the necessary functionalities that a travel company may want in their travel portal. This is a one stop shop for all the tools that you may need to set up your portal. There have been over 70 travel companies and agents who have benefited from the products of and thus have given the travel industry a new life. Doing business online not only saves money but also helps you to invest the same in something more productive. Also, it is easier to manage the records and have happy customers. has proven to be the “friend indeed” in providing technical support.

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Online travel portal software needed by corporations and companies

white label travel portal

An Online Booking System helps travel management companies to provide their customers & their sub-agents with an online solution for their travel needs. It brings in efficiency and helps both the agency and the corporate working with the agency to reduce costs in terms of time and money. Below are 8 key benefits of having your own online travel portal.

Increased Visibility

Increase visibility and reach of your business across global Travel market. Having your own Online Travel portal helps create a brand identity and thus driving bookings from across the world. A good travel portal accompanied with a well executed digital strategy leads to increase in sales figures.

Automated Booking processes

Automated Booking processes reduce human efforts required for attend customer request. Travel portals fetch information from central servers which have granted them the specified permission and provide users with the cheapest fares and the best possible service. Travellers can easily search for flights, hotels, Cars, Cruise, holiday packages and book them online. They can view their account details, booking stage, seat number easily. Booking a ticket or cancelling a ticket becomes very simple.

Get Paid quicker

With an online booking system, you can require customers to prepay for activities and rentals. This puts money into your pocket faster and helps make sure that on the day of the event you don’t have to worry about payment — giving you and your customers more time to have fun.

Get Valuable Insights about your business

An online booking system provides you with a dashboard of analytics that help you grow your business. Quickly determine your most popular sellers, the most requested time slots, or even the most popular add-ons by using an online booking system with robust insights. Take advantage of knowing what your customers want most — saving you time and money on offerings that don’t help your business grow.

Build Customer base

Build Customer base and loyalty by selling products directly to customer at best price. Understand the client’s intention to purchase, it is not only necessary to collect and analyze customer’s data but also to collect users’ private information. KYC is no longer applicable with only the FI’s and Banks but also for every Travel Management Company. Know who your customers are, what is their booking trend. Run appropriate campaigns to keep them loyal to your brand.

Effortlessly Up-sell Add-ons

You can always add more guides, offer more activities, or expand your hours to grow your business, but all of those take work. By adding additional perks to your customers, you can easily add extra revenue for your business. Fun extras like photo packages or memorabilia, you can include options to these items in your online booking checkout. Customers can learn about everything you offer and take advantage of package pricing.

Attract more customers

Attract more customers by showcasing and highlight product information such as photos, features, facilities, reviews, rating and contact information. Try giving ‘first purchase’ offers. Most people do not repeatedly buy trips within a short time-frame so that the “loyalty effect” of such discounts (as they often soon expire) is usually limited. Create a niche for your Website and offer realistic offers and more importantly establish a connect with your customers in line with your brand values and strength.

It’s easy to check out what people say about them

While many traditional travel agents don’t even have a website, online travel service makes great presence in the Internet, because it is from where people find them and decide whether to place trust or not. It’s more than easy to see how the past guests say about an online travel business. In addition to the testimonials posted on their website, Trip Advisor reviews and Face Book reviews are also the reliable sources as business owners don’t have control over deleting any of user’s posts. Good or bad, travelers like to share their experience that works as useful reference.

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Benefits of online travel portal development for Travel Industry


Gaining the brand presence is very essential to fuel the expansion of your travel business. A smart approach and a powerful one, that defines the future state of travel industry is a well-designed travel portal.

The Internet has robust potential and it can promote all major industries across the field without any boundaries including Travel and Tourism sector. This sector is further demanding and fruitful as people are more likely to discover the beauty and mysterious things of god available on earth.

The recent trend of Travel portal development has helped the travel industry to follow a step process of growth. Travel portal development is associated to the implementation of travel technology in the field of travel sector.

Some benefits of travel portal includes-

  • Offer real time data access.
  • Minimize your maintenance cost.
  • 24*7 interactions with customers.
  • Saves time and money.
  • Minimized order processing costs.
  • Instant reservation or booking facilities of flights, tour packages etc.
  • Helpful in expansion of your business.


Travel Portals basically provides the customers or booking agents with travel information, bookings, and all the required information which one may need while travelling. These travel portals fetch information from central servers which have granted them the specified permission and provide users with the cheapest fares and the best possible service, something which users desire all the time.

Travel Portal can be classified in some major types of portal like Flight Booking, Holiday Packages, Car Booking, Taxi/Bus Booking, and lots more

Users can simply search for hotels and book them online. They can view their account details, booking stage, seat number easily. Booking a ticket or cancelling a ticket becomes very simple.

It is a proper way to do promotions of business and by online marketing you will extremely get more potential customers. It is quiet helpful for travelers to reserve their air tickets online or hire a car online for required time interval.


Online Travel Portals offer the necessary foundation to build upon and expand growth within the company. In easy words it’s a structured gateway that helps to structure the access to information found on the internet. Our professional web developers can deliver customized travel portals which go well with the provisions of the clients as well as the visitors.

Online Travel Portal for Travel Agents and Agencies with API Integration

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In today’s fast growing world, smart phones are gaining a lot of importance. This has given rise to many mobile apps. Application Program Interface Integration can be used to build travel guides, maps and routes and things that help tourist locate a particular place. It also can be used to find picnic spots, landmarks, historical places, restaurants and other important places. This helps tourist to find places with just a click.

Common API’s

There are many APIs that have gained popularity in a short span of time. Few are Uber, Cleartrip, Wego etc. These API’s merge with Google maps, TripAdvisor to enhance their help people travel all around the world. Mainly these travel sites provide reviews and opinions about the place of visit, food, and other attractions. This helps the tourist make a booking without using much of time.

Travel API Integration

Travel API integration helps in merging all the modes of travel under one particular head. It helps tourist make online reservations and bookings through the internet. Travel API integration helps in booking tickets without making any error. We believe in providing our customers with a unique model that help them find what they require within a short span of time. When a tourist is searching for a particular holiday destination, he need not go visit a travel agent. He can sit in the comfort of his home and by using our site he can view the destinations of his choice. He can also make a hotel reservation seeing the availability of rooms.

We provide an end to end solution when it is about travel. A tourist can tell us his/her requirements and the bookings can be made. We are not only confined to booking or travel and stay but we also provide services like travel portal consultancy and travel recharge portal development.

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Most Experienced Travel Portal Development Company in India

travel-portal offers tour and travel portal development services for your travel business fly high. From the conceptualization till materializing of idea we help you at every stage. We provide you a readymade platform of services that is capable enough to fulfill the needs of a traveler. We bring to you the most powerful travel solutions in the form of our Travel API that allows the users to interact with our web application. By integrating this travel api with your own software solution, you as a travel service provider, can offer unbeatable travel related services to your potential clients. Our travel API enables you to perform a number of travel related functions on behalf of your customers. The prime being: locating destinations, searching route availability, finding seat layout, pick up and dropping points, domestic and international ticket booking (airways, trains and buses), cancelling tickets, generating reports, etc. We also provide white labeled solution for all the travel search engines and travel booking software projects. By providing the best class travel portal development services we strive to improve the client’s capability, thereby helping them achieve their objectives.

Benefits we provide:

Experience in developing and launching travel portals.

You can choose from a variety of themes available with us to make your travel website look attractive as well as pleasing to the eyes.

We provide customized and automated software solution with features like with online bookings, payments, cancellations and amendments.

Rapid access to information so it is time-saving.

Economical travel technology.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services for expansion and growth.

Members Access & Management System.

Easily navigable travel portal with user friendly interface.

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Get the Best B2C white Label Travel Portal Solutions in Delhi


B2c travel solutions are the next big thing in India. Mainly there are two modes by which any travel agency operates. One is B2C – Business to Consumer, where the Travel Agency is looking to sell their travel inventories to only end customers which are the consumers who will buy tickets or book hotels etc. The other model is B2B – Business to Business. Here, the travel company will try to resale the travel itinerary to multiple re-sellers which are other travel portals or agency. Now these portals or agencies will sell this itinerary to their own customer who login to their site and in turn pay commissions to the travel agency providing B2c Travel Portal solutions.

In simple words, B2C travel Portal solutions do not cater to end users who plan a holiday but rather the agencies who book these holidays. is an ultimate example of such travel agencies providing B2C travel Portal solutions in Delhi.

Some of the essential feature a travel agency offering B2B solutions should have –

  • Flight and Hotel Booking – National and International
  • Combo offers with Flight and hotel booking – with discounts
  • Bus tickets booking
  • Car on Rentals
  • Travel Insurance
  • Registered Login and guest user management. Different logins for agents.
  • Online payments facility which should be offered through secured gateway
  • Booking confirmations through SMS, email or calls.
  • Offering cancellations. Follow up it till end where customers receive their money back
  • Suggestions for must have/ must take items for trips
  • Money exchange offer
  • Manage both customers and agents from other agencies
  • Manage commissions for agents
  • Secure environment by ensuring strict authentication to make sure the customer’s database is safe from any virus or unsolicited source.
  • Online booking support 365 days a year, round the clock.
  • Easy segregation of bookings done by end users or re-sellers.
  • These are few of the many features required to have a successful B2B model offering travel solutions. There of course can be many more added features.

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World’s leading Travel Booking Engine Technology Provider

As we have entered the latter part of 2014, the demand for travel booking engine technology and travel portal development has been on the rise. Travel portals have to keep pace with the current trends in the travel world: airports turning more pleasurable: tech gadgets get tiny in size and more smart; new websites to allow you to find more local destinations, e.g., private dinner parties; hotels to employ new technologies like allowing your smart phone to be your keycard, and bypass the hotel reception; airlines using digital baggage tags.




As we have entered the latter part of 2014, the demand for travel booking engine Make an Inquiry about this news technology and travel portal development Make an Inquiry about this news has been on the rise. Travel portals have to keep pace with the current trends in the travel world: airports turning more pleasurable: tech gadgets get tiny in size and more smart; new websites to allow you to find more local destinations, e.g., private dinner parties; hotels to employ new technologies like allowing your smart phone to be your keycard, and bypass the hotel reception; airlines using digital baggage tags.

In this fast changing scenario, only highly sophisticated Travel Booking Engine Technology Providers Travel portal development can provide you competent travel agency software.

Travel portal development  has been building travel booking engines for clients worldwide since 2003; no wonder it is acclaimed as the world’s leading travel booking engine technology provider.

Our international-quality travel software encompasses automated travel business process, powerful back office system, flexible content management system and many more. Our technology platform is reliable and scalable.

As the world’s leading travel booking engine technology provider, TPD offers mainly three solutions to travel and tour operators worldwide: online hotel reservation system, airline reservation system and bus booking system. The online hotel reservation system is a beautiful synthesis of XML including both global inventory and local inventory.  Travel portal development  bus bookings system is highly popular in India whereas our cruise solution is much loved in Europe.

Bus Booking Engine Needs To Come With Some Powerful Features!

A self serviced booking engine can add to the efficacy of a travel portal to a great extent, giving customers an ease to make bookings online. The bus ticketing reservation system needs to come loaded with bounty of features that make bookings easy and help site owners enjoy brisk sales. Bus API integration is one a milestone decision as with it customers will get information all possible buses carrying people on a specific route or any day and time and even make bookings for the seat in advance.

With a bus booking engine travelers can go through the options coming their way and finally make bookings for the bus type they want to go with looking at budget and other factors. With information available on multiple bus routes the travelers can decide from where they would like to board the bus and then check out the seat map to make final bookings with ease. Now that complete data is being made available with bus API integration, the travel portal is going to add yet another functionality that brings in revenue in the form of sales and commissions.

The API enables service providers to manage out the schedules and review these on daily basis to make any necessary changes before bookings occur. The passengers are going to get a copy of e-ticket and they just need to furnish the same when onboard and what is even more interesting is that it’s in the hands of the travelers to pick their seats.

With bus booking engine bookings takes only few steps as passengers have enough options in front of them to explore and decide Customers can make payment using their preferred mode and would get receipt and confirmation of the same via email With interactive seat chart present in front of the customers they just need to book tickets with a mouse click and this surely saves a lot of time

For any travel agent who has been planning to add bus bookings in the service list coming out with a booking engine along with smartly done Bus API Integration would make things go smooth.

Business to Business – Agents and Distributors

  • After knowing well knowledge on how B2C module works in Cloud based Saas solution now we will deep into  B2B module working.

    B2B module empowers its Travel Agents to develop themselves into professional Online Travel Agents and sell tickets on International, Domestic Flights and on all provided Services. The Cloud based system also offers the dynamic ability to book with simple commands on all GDS and with an API direct bookings access on all Services.

    B2B offers their Travel Agents 24/7 Bookings, Cancellations and View Reports with individual User logo on the portal. Uniquely the system provides transparency on bookings, cancellations, accounts information and also process refunds.

    Features of B2B module:

      Online Bookings/Cancellations.
        Monitor own Bookings/Cancellations.
        Add your own Markup & Profit.
        Check your account online.
        Print tickets with your logo.
        Issue Promotional offers with your logo.
        Payment options through Banks/Net Banking/Credit card/Debit card options.

    The basic difference between Agents and Distributors as follows:

    Agents can do bookings for all services through the Agent Balance as well as payment gateway option. Agent is provided with all the features like Bookings, Cancellations, Print ticket, Check Status and Email/Sms ticket details. Also can add their own Markup & Profit.
    Whereas Distributors cannot do any bookings but can monitor all the Bookings and Cancellations from their accounts. Also can add their own Markup & Profit.

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