Get the Best B2C white Label Travel Portal Solutions in Delhi


B2c travel solutions are the next big thing in India. Mainly there are two modes by which any travel agency operates. One is B2C – Business to Consumer, where the Travel Agency is looking to sell their travel inventories to only end customers which are the consumers who will buy tickets or book hotels etc. The other model is B2B – Business to Business. Here, the travel company will try to resale the travel itinerary to multiple re-sellers which are other travel portals or agency. Now these portals or agencies will sell this itinerary to their own customer who login to their site and in turn pay commissions to the travel agency providing B2c Travel Portal solutions.

In simple words, B2C travel Portal solutions do not cater to end users who plan a holiday but rather the agencies who book these holidays. is an ultimate example of such travel agencies providing B2C travel Portal solutions in Delhi.

Some of the essential feature a travel agency offering B2B solutions should have –

  • Flight and Hotel Booking – National and International
  • Combo offers with Flight and hotel booking – with discounts
  • Bus tickets booking
  • Car on Rentals
  • Travel Insurance
  • Registered Login and guest user management. Different logins for agents.
  • Online payments facility which should be offered through secured gateway
  • Booking confirmations through SMS, email or calls.
  • Offering cancellations. Follow up it till end where customers receive their money back
  • Suggestions for must have/ must take items for trips
  • Money exchange offer
  • Manage both customers and agents from other agencies
  • Manage commissions for agents
  • Secure environment by ensuring strict authentication to make sure the customer’s database is safe from any virus or unsolicited source.
  • Online booking support 365 days a year, round the clock.
  • Easy segregation of bookings done by end users or re-sellers.
  • These are few of the many features required to have a successful B2B model offering travel solutions. There of course can be many more added features.

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