Travelers Choosing Mobile devices for easier bookings


According to travel flash report, during the first six months of 2016, a staggering 70% of travelers booked their reservations on mobile devices, which was a 20% increase over the previous year’s count. Due to the fast and handy nature of mobile devices, travelers prefer this method for making bookings, rather than having to call a hotel for bookings.   The market research firm upwardly adjusted its second quarter forecast for mobile bookings to reflect the fact that travelers are growing increasingly comfortable booking trips on mobile devices.60% of travelers will use a mobile device to book trips in 2016 – a rise from 44% this year. Few will book their trip using a table, in 2015 – Says the research firm according to the study.   With white label travel portal , travel firms increasingly offering mobile-ready websites, travelers are taking the opportunity to use their mobile devices for more convenient reservation, “Air tickets, online travel booking and Hotels booking sites are better optimized their websites for mobile bookings. As a result, people are looking for a simpler and easier way to buy and reserving their trips right on their smartphones. This bodes well for the industry as a whole, Sales of travel products and services through desktop- and laptop-based devices continue to decline and increase in travelers researching their trips via mobile.   How Mobile is Used on  Vacation Connected Travelers All Travelers Finding a way over the maps 81% 67% Looking for restaurants 72% 56% Browsing for things to do 68% 61% Reading reviews 64% 51% Looking for hotels 50% 45% Making restaurant reservations 46% 46%   This will be the result of online travel companies making their web portal or mobile apps more appealing by adding location services that help travelers find the nearest rooms and restaurants.    According to new research, about today’s connected traveler, holiday booking habits have also changed noticeably. There has been a 50% increase in mobile use across business and leisure travelers, with 20% relying purely on their mobiles to make last minute bookings. The growth of mobile isn’t slowing down and will be a driving force in the travel industry for 2016.    Travel companies therefore need to ensure their websites are optimized for mobile view, to allow for engaging content, easy navigation and a personalized experience, That don’t will lose potential customers as mobile use is rapidly becoming the norm.    On the other hand, if you haven’t optimized your booking engine for mobile devices, a jaw-dropping 40% of consumers will move on to the competition, while 60% of consumers will not even bother with your booking engine. Simply put, having your booking engine optimized for mobile is a make or break situation.   Mobile Friendliness Makes for Good Customer Service: It should be obvious by now that mobile customers are more willing to book if the business website and the purchasing process are optimized for their device’s browser. Many tourists keep their phones as a travel aid, using the GPS to navigate unfamiliar location and review apps like help to discover a cafe for lunch. While big reservations like flights and hotels can be made far in advance, it can be tough to book activities and local tours from so far away.

How do travelers know if the weather will be nice enough six weeks in the future to rent some kayaks? What if they discover a neighborhood they didn’t realize they wanted to explore, and never booked your walking tour? If you run a tour or rental service and are able to process last-minute bookings, then you stand to gain customers who might be looking for some last-minute fun and whip out their phones to find it. If you advertise locally or in search engine ads, make sure to mention that your tours can be instantly booked online, and provide a short URL that customers can easily type into their browser.   In their efforts to help users have a better mobile web experience, if your site isn’t providing a better mobile experience for users, you stand to lose out on traffic.    Why white label travel portal ? white label travel portal  is the world’s largest and award winning travel portal development company, that web portal enabling travelers to plan and book the perfect trip. white label travel portal  has been offering travel software solutions to the travel industry since its inception. white label travel portal  Team is highly dedicated and committed. You will get the end to end Solution for your travel technology from white label travel portal Technologies.

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